VITA was inspired by such master artists as Rubens, Botero, Lachaise and countless unknown artists that have portrayed the classic beauty and sensuality of the full figured female dating back to pre history.

I have been an avid collector of BBW art for several years. When I wanted to add a modern day representation of a lovely BBW along with my ancient Goddesses and 15th and 16th Century art, I found that figures such as these were nearly impossible to find..

VITA was second of what I hope to become my Queen Size Cutie collection. I will be sculpting full bodied ladies of various body types. I named her Vita after the lovely lady she was sculpted to represent.

Vita is a one of a kind hand sculpted original, Head to toe she is about 6 inches long. She has curly long, hand applied and styled, black hair and hand painted big brown eyes that sparkle delightfully when catching the light just right. She has a moderate bust, wide hips, full thighs, a slightly plump belly and an adorable very plump backside!

She has been initialed by the artist and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity with photograph , number of the piece, and the date the piece was completed.

The hand made bed she is laying on is also included

Sold $225