This fairy was featured on the opening page of this web site

From the top of her head to her tiny little toes she is only TWO INCHES LONG, that's smaller than my pinkie finger!! She is totally nude with long blond hair cascading to cover her nakedness. Despite her small size she is surprisingly highly detailed.

" When the sleeping fairy awakes her crystal-like wings will carry her from honeysuckle to roses, quenching her thirst with the sweet nectars. For now she sleeps in a bed of fragrant wildflowers dreaming her dreams of fairy mischief; asleep in her small piece of woodland with a ladybug to watch over her. This small bit of wonderland has been snatched from the depths of an enchanted forest and placed in a protective case just for you."

The fairy comes with the display that was entirely hand made and placed in a display case.

$ 99.95 SOLD