This site serves as a gallery for the miniature sculpture art of Joyce Urbaniak. Each section shows miniatures of different types. The first section is fairies, The second is mermaids, third all other miniature creations.

There is a link for BBW - Big Beautiful Women Art at the bottom of the page for those interested. These are modern day depictions of the full figured Goddess.

Just like real people, each creation is an individual unto itself, and just as none of us were created in a day, neither were any of them. Each little sculpture is a work of love that spans several days.

My sculptures are made of Polymer clay and usually come in two sizes. Size one is a tiny figure that would only be two and a half to three inches tall if she were standing. Their adorable faces are not much bigger than Lincoln's face on a penny. Their hand painted eyes, that are about the size of a pinhead, have a speck of glitter that sparkles enchantingly when catching the light just right. Their hair is hand applied and styled. Despite their tiny size they are astonishingly highly detailed and lifelike, SO REAL !

Size two is a figure five and a half to six inches.

I initial all of my creations and give a signed certificate of authenticity with photograph, date and number of the piece. If you see a sculpture that you like that has been sold, I can probably make you something similar - No two are ever exactly the same. Email me for more information



BBW's Big Beautiful Women
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