Little Imp Tea Cup Fairy

Imp teacup fairy or the " I couldn't find a thing to wear" fairy. Sitting from the top of her head to her cute little curled up toes she is only about five inches tall. She has the most precious expression on her impish little face. She has green eyes with a speck of glitter that sparkles when catching the light just right. She has long green hair that cascades around her pointed ears. Her delicate looking wings are transparent and have a stained glass look to them, but they are quite durable. Despite her small size she is surprisingly highly detailed and lifelike.

She has been hand sculpted to sit on the rim of a teacup holding onto the rim with her feet firmly on the bottom of the cup so she won't fall in. With her green hair, butterfly wings and little grass skirt it appears as if she just dropped in to visit your tea party and couldn't find a thing to wear.

The teacup is included because she fits it exactly but she will also fit most standard size cups or mugs. She will also sit firmly on a shelf or computer.

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