Tiny Ice Tea Cup Fairy is a one of a kind, hand sculpted original. Kneeling, from the top of her head to her tiny little knees, she is only about 2 INCHES TALL. Her beautiful face is smaller than my pinkie nail,Each of her hand painted iridescent blue eyes, that are about the size of a pinhead, have a speck of glitter that sparkles when catching the light just right. Her long snow white hair is hand applied and styled, and cascades around her pointed ears. She has two clear antennae peeking out of her hair, and she wears an "ice" crown. Her unique transparent ice-like wings, are delicate yet durable. She is attired in a gorgeous shimmery silver fringed ice-like dress.

In one hand she holds a magic wand with which she brings down fluffy white snow, and in the other magic ice crystals with which she dresses the trees, and bushes, and eaves of houses with shiny icicles. Despite her small size, she is surprisingly highly detailed and lifelike -- so real!

Ice Fairy lives in a "snow" filled, clear teacup with two little trees that she has touched with her magic snow and ice.

This small bit of wonderland has been snatched from the depths of an enchanted iceworld and placed in a protective case just for you.

This lovely Fairy is sure to become an heirloom to be cherished by the "young at heart" for many years to come.

She comes with: A Hand decorated tea cup display - a home from which she can be removed and placed anywhere you wish, such as on your computer. A plastic display box (4" X 5")

A certificate of authenticity with photograph and number of the fairy signed by the artist that can be personalized at your request

$112.50 SOLD