Welcome to the Land of Joyce's One and Only Teacup Fairies and Fantasy miniatures.


Just like real people, each Fairy is an individual unto itself, and just as none of us were created in a day, neither were any of them. Each little Fairy is a work of Love with careful attention paid to every tiny detail.

Each unique miniature sculpture (art doll) will bring a sense that THERE TRULY MUST BE A WONDERLAND SOMEWHERE -- VERY NEAR AT HAND. They will, in the space of a heartbeat, transport you to a place where "wishes are the rule and fantasy the law."

Charmer Tea Cup Fairy is a one of a kind, hand sculpted original. In a seated position, from the top of her head to her cute little toes, she is only about 5 INCHES TALL. Her beguiling face, with its precious expression, has been hand sculpted and painted. Each of her iridescent green eyes have a speck of glitter that sparkles when catching the light just right. Her long red hair is hand applied and styled, and cascades around her pointed ears. She is crowned by a wreath of tiny white flowers. Her unique transparent wings are so delicate looking yet durable. She is wearing a gossamer green outfit, delicate as an evanescent morning mist. Despite her small size, she is surprisingly highly detailed and lifelike -- so real!

Charmer Fairy is sitting on the edge of a teacup, supporting herself with meticulously sculpted fingers, holding the rim so she won't fall in. If you have your own favorite teacup, she fits most standard teacups and mugs. I am including this teacup, however, because she fits it exactly.

This exquisitely delicate fairy, curious and filled with wonder over the "big folk", has emerged from the depths of an enchanted forest, and landed in a teacup just to meet you. So be careful when you pour your hot water -- you never know who might be in your cup; and certainly watch your cookies and sweet cakes -- fairies just love sweets!

This lovely Fairy is sure to become an heirloom to be cherished by the "young at heart" for many years to come.

She comes with:

Her own tea cup - from which she can be removed and placed in your own favorite teacup or mug.
A certificate of authenticity with photograph and number of the fairy signed by the artist that can be personalized at your request

Sold: 209.50