From the top of her head to her cute little bottom she is only 1 3/4 inches tall, Her adorable face is not much bigger than Lincoln's head on a penny!! She has sparkly green eyes and lovely translucent wings. Dispite her incredibly tiny size she is surprisingly highly detailed and lifelike!!

"There are legends of little winged people everywhere in the world, even in the darkest reaches of Africa. While the African Fairy was captured and brought back to civilization, she remains in her cage gladly because she is just as curious about you as you are about her!! She is playing her little fairy game with you, so you better look quick-- fairies are wonderful shape-changers and she can vanish in the blink of an eye." This small legendary creature has been snached from the depths of an enchanted jungle and placed in a protective cage just for you.

$ 175.00 SOLD